Structural Pattern Matching

Sebastiaan Zeeff

The acceptance of Structural Pattern Matching by the Steering Council has made quite a splash in the Python Community. Starting with Python 3.10, you can use “match” statements that work similar to such features in other languages, but are not quite the same.

In this talk, Sebastiaan Zeeff will give you a quick overview of the power of Structural Pattern Matching, show a few examples of how you can use it to solve real problems, and discuss some of the caveats that you may want to be aware of.

Behaviour Driven Development

Jan-Hein Bührman

Behavior-Driven Development (or BDD for short) is a software development process that focuses on the behavior of features requested for a software product. A popular way to achieve this is by describing concrete examples of the desired functionality in the form of “Given … When … Then”, the Gherkin language. This encourages collaboration between Developers and Business stakeholders.

The examples written in Gherkin can be used as automatically executable test specifications with the help of behave. This talk provides an example of a simple REST API server and how you can use behave to verify the behavior of your application. After the talk, you will be able to install and setup behave, and specify and implement automatically executable acceptance tests that are written in quasi natural language.

Using abstractions to write better software

Hynek Schlawack

Good abstractions can help us make software more correct, easier to understand, and easier to debug. Yet they appear to be widely underappreciated in the Python community. Let’s have a look together at what they can do for you, and hopefully you’ll never put a tuple into a dict ever again.



Esther Roghair

Manager of Pythoneers Business Unit at Ordina Software Development.


Sebastiaan Zeeff

Sebastiaan Zeeff is a Codesmith for the Ordina Pythoneers and a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation. He is a prolific Python speaker and has given talks at various conferences, including PyCon and EuroPython. As a Python enthusiast, Sebastiaan takes a special interest in Python education, using his teaching experience to share his passion with others. He also likes to contribute to open source projects and is one of the main drivers behind the Python Discord community.


Jan-Hein Bührman

Jan-Hein is a software engineer who witnessed Python’s first baby steps up very close and loves programming in Python since then. While he worked in different software development roles, he always kept an eye on its development. After he has founded a dedicated Python software unit within Ordina, he’s now back at the work that leaves him with a positive energy balance at the end of the day: programming in Python!


Hynek Schlawack

Hynek Schlawack is a lead infrastructure and software engineer from Berlin/Germany, a PSF fellow, a maintainer of too many open source projects, and a contributor to even more.


His main areas of interest are networks, security, and robust software.